Our Energy Services

We focus on end-to-end power infrastructure upgrades at industrial, commercial, regional or national levels. Our team consists of experts in power generation, transmission/distribution systems as well as energy management systems. The team also has in depth knowledge coupled to a solid experience in the design, implementation and operation of communication technologies to efficiency improvements  through remote monitoring and control via smart meters and other distribution and secondary voltage level devices, commonly used in Smart Grid deployments.

Our focus areas include

  • Development of  Smart Grid strategy for Global Utilities, Governments and Energy Organizations
  • Regulatory Strategy that helps minimize regulatory risk for energy infrastructure investments especially grid modernization proposals and projects.
  • Technology focus that ensures seamless integration between Outage Management Systems (OMS), Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA), Advanced Meter reading (AMR) and Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) solutions.
Our team has completed projects in  North America, Latin America Europe and Asia where our local & on-site technical experts work with organizations to develop technology implementation plans and business models that provide measurable results. Areas of technical expertise include

        • SCADA optimization of legacy systems and within new AMI deployments
        • Convergence of Smart Grids and Photovoltaics
        • Fault recording and phaser measurements solutions in substations

As part of providing these Energy Management Services we recommend and follow a four step approach.

Phase 1: Assess customers environment to identify efficiency improvement opportunities

        • Site Survey

Phase 2: Existing Vs Projected Cost comparison & ROI Analysis.

        • Detailed down to per unit basis

Phase 3: Recommend solutions

        • Best in class

Phase 4: Implement project to deliver true energy and cost savings to customers.

        • Complete execution and project management

As part of our deliveries, we incorporate 3rd party products such as Smart Meters and stand-alone photo-voltaic systems into our LED lighting and communication platform to provide a seamless single point of integration for our customer. 

Customer reference and proposal templates are available upon request

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