Luxerel is leading a major strategic effort to manage sustained reduction of energy consumption in several of the emerging nations, including Latin America. We provide higher efficiency solutions that minimize distribution losses while reducing operating costs and CO2 emissions thereby making more electricity available for the urban poor and for rural electrification.

By bringing more intelligence to the light node, the commercial sector benefits tremendously from Luxerel’s core technologies.  Our retrofit lights are true enablers of sensing technologies deployed outdoors or within the Industrial, Municipal, Hospitality, Retail and other commercial sectors, allowing for Environmental sensing, Adaptive dimming, Event detection, Notification, Energy restoration efforts as well as for the Monitoring of assets placed within their vicinity.

Moreover, our technology is a perfect fit for network platforms used in large-scale and regional Smart Grid deployments such as AMI Mesh and Power Line Carrier. Our patented drivers allow us to interface with these platforms and implement open-standard protocols or the APIs provided by third-party network providers. Power utilities and Smart City initiatives can realize additional gains in energy efficiency and extend the benefits of their AMI networks by using our multi-sensor modular lighting retrofits.

Luxerel’s core team has vast experience in the Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI), Distribution Automation & Commercial LED space and has been directly involved in the most important Smart Grid deployments, based on either open-standards such as IEEE 802.11x and IEEE 802.15.4, or IPV6 proprietary mesh routing protocols. 

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